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We're here to help you jumpstart your journey to finally stop binge & emotional overeating in 2024!

We're here to help you jumpstart your journey to finally stop binge & emotional overeating
 in 2024!

Unclench your jaw. Soften your forehead. Relax those shoulders. Breathe.

If january didn't get off to the start you thought it would with food, we've got you. Give us 23 days, and will turn things around.

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A 23-day mini-course that will jumpstart your food freedom journey (with tangible tools and rich inspiration) that will take you from feeling STUCK to UNSTOPPABLE! 

Welcome to
Hungry For Recovery.

Bottomline: the confusion is over! Let us help you finally get started!

To make peace with your fear foods, so you can enjoy that ice cream guilt-free w/o spiraling

To stop eating past fullness & actually feel content at the end of a meal. 

The ability to cope with your emotions without using food.

Inspiration as to WHY recovery is worth it, so on the tough days you can't help but keep going!

To know what your weight set point is and how to integrate fitness goals without it f*cking up your relationship with food.

Your mental real estate back! Because you're sick of the constant food & body anxiety.

Clearly defined first steps so you can finally begin healing your relationship with food on your own terms!

This is what you want.

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and it's simple...

Because if you've ever asked, "where do I even begin?" This is it.

 You can now jumpstart your food freedom recovery journey and take those first few steps on your own terms, and at your own pace. Without having to commit to a full blown recovery program.

We'll simplify the process, so you can stop mindlessly scrolling for the next book, podcast, or blog post. 

You're in luck, brave one

Hungry For Recovery

Welcome to...

The 23 day mini-course that will provide you a food freedom recovery game plan, tangible tools, inspiration, mindset & nervous system regulation work to help you finally begin breaking free of the self-sabotage, binge-restrict, and emotional overeating cycles. Because you deserve to experience genuine happiness, confidence and freedom with food.

What the f*ck went wrong with this whole food thing & why you can’t stop thinking about food & your body image

Let's break this down!

The THREE most important steps to
START your food freedom & body image journey and how to stop an urge to overeat in the heat of the moment



Over the next 23 days you’ll learn:

Why nervous system regulation is often THE MISSING LINK to overcome emotional overeating & 2 powerful techniques


How to STOP losing your shit with sugar & the 4 steps to breaking the pattern of eating past fullness


3 powerful body image hacks to help you immediately start feeling better in your body 

Why most get intuitive eating all wrong, and how to ACTUALLY do it right!



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So, what's the set-up?

23 bite sized video lessons from binge and emotional overeating expert, Jessi Jean, that will help you jumpstart your food freedom journey

you'll receive

22 bite sized inspirational videos outlining powerful reasons why recovery is WORTH IT from Bobby Kazz

AND this

Daily action steps and daily emails to hold you accountability and inspire you to finish strong!


And you fear "failing" at one more thing. But you're desperate for something to help alleviate the overwhelm, anxiety and frustration with food and your body.

Hungry For Recovery was designed specifically for the chronic over-thinker who isn’t entirely sure they’re ready to dive into a full blown recovery program, but is READY to lay the foundation and take the 1st step!

Each morning we will email you 2 short videos (1 educational ~10min & 1 inspirational ~5min) plus 1 action step to take that day that will help you feel more ease, freedom and confidence in your relationship with food and your body! 

Don't have time to sit down & watch? Download the audio version and listen podcast style on the go, during your morning commute, while walking your pup, or doing chores, and watch the momentum begin to build! 

You're busy!



3 guided audios to listen to while you’re eating to reduce impulsiveness, guide you through mindful eating & help you regulate your nervous system in real time 

And receive the Mindful Meals Guided Audios FREE!


Mindful Meals

Pay in full 

Jessi Jean, Intuitive Eating Expert

of knowledge & inspiration because lets face it, this healing journey is multifaceted and we need to tackle this from a variety of angles.

Meet the creators!

& Bobby Kasmire

A nutrition college graduate who is currently creating content for over 300,000 followers across Tiktok and Instagram, Bobby Kasmire shares his past and ongoing experiences in Eating Disorder recovery on social media in order to help break the stigma amongst males and eating disorders. He shares his most helpful ideas, tactics, and thoughts that he has picked up on throughout his own journey on finding a better relationship with food.

Certified coach through The Institute For The Psychology of Eating & Founder of The Food Freedom Online Program. Jessi has conquered her own decade long struggle with food and body, inspires millions of listeners with her chart topping Dear Body Podcast, and has personally coached over 1,500 women over the course of 5 years through her signature Food Freedom Online Program. 

The perfect duo

This 23-day course will give you exactly that! No more white knuckling this thing solo. No more trial-and-hope-for-the-best. No more, "What is wrong with me & why can't i just figure this thing out!?"

You CAN overcome this struggle with food & body. But if you're anything like Bobby or me, you want a guided road map, inspiration & proven tangible tools! You want to understand the science behind what the heck is happening in your brain.

it's your turn for freedom!

Who Hungry for Recovery      for...

The overwhelmed INDIVIDUAL who needs the healing process demystified and mapped out in easy to follow steps. 

The “nothing-ever-works-for me” skeptic who’s hungry to understand the 30,000 ft overview of the process and needs to experience a physical shift in the impulse & desire to binge to regain hope

The chronic overthinker - who isn’t sure they’re ready to dive into a full blown recovery program, but is READY to lay the foundation and take the 1st step!

The “i’m-afraid-of-spiraling-out-of-control” white knuckler whO WANTS THE ACCOUNTABILITY & DAILY GUIDANCE

The confused and afraid individual who’s sick of theories and hungry for some tangible strategies to get immediate relief from the binge and emotional overeating patterns

The “i-don’t-have-the-time” but am desperate for SOMETHING to help alleviate the craziness of what I feel inside. 


Study at your own pace

fit it into a busy lifestyle

Join From Anywhere there's wifi

Follow a proven roadmap

Will this help me lose weight?

This is not a weight loss course, although we celebrate full body autonomy! This course focuses on learning to reconnect with your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get lifetime access to the course?

Yes, as long as we are around :) which we hope is a long time! If any changes are made we will be sure to give you 6-month heads up. 

Can I join even if I am outside the United States?

Absolutely :) All you need is wifi and cup of coffee!

Will I stop binge eating + overeating in the next 23 days?

You will gain tools that will help you lay the foundation and work towards healing these struggles for GOOD! But this is not a quick fix and if someone promises you one, they're lying. We intend to blow your mind and help you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, but healing takes time. If you're interested in a fully comprehensive recovery program, check out Jessi's signature 4-month, Food Freedom Online Program.

Are there refunds?

No, given the digital nature of this course refunds are not offered. Once you purchase you have instant access. If you're on the payment plan option and default on a payment, your access will be paused until your payment is resolved.

When does it start?

The moment you enroll you will receive immediate access!

be scared and do it anyway.

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We understand how daunting & confusing the healing journey can feel. Reach out to us via email with any & all questions!

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